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Groupon Stel Housecleaning Review

I purchased through Groupon a special  2-hour Housecleaning services thru Stel’s Housecleaning as a special treat for myself.   Today is the day we scheduled for housecleaning at 8:30 a.m., it is now 9:30 a.m. and I just got a call that they can’t find the place.  After confirming the address and directions it became apparent they initially wrote down the wrong street name ( which sounds a little  familiar in that both streets start with the same letter, and that’s all that’s familiar ).  They were 5 minutes away and 20 minutes have now passed since the call ended. Hmmm

1/2 hour later one person from Stel’s housecleaning showed up to clean, not two.  After 2 hours she told me she had gone over the 2 hour mark and it was time for her to leave.

  • None of the waste baskets had been emptied.
  • The bed sheets were not changed ( I had put a fresh set on top of the bed and the existing comforter and sheets pulled back, almost off ). I discovered the comforter  on the bed had been pulled up and when I pulled them back the sheets remained in a crumple underneath near the foot of the bed.
  • The toilet was not cleaned.
  • Entry by  front door was very poorly vacuumed, with stuff all over the carpet still remaining.
  • The living room was never touched, she didn’t even go in there.  ( It badly needed vacuuming at very least )

I am shocked and greatly disappointed at the level of service received.  They charge more than most in the area and this is what you get, I am glad that I didn’t pay full price via the groupon deal.  I still feel ripped off.   I do not recommend using this housecleaning service.


Sunrise Missing

I woke early, as usual and peeked out the window to see the sunrise (6:00 am).  The sky was dark and it confused me.   I wandered into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee and let the dogs out, all the while thinking I must be up earlier than usual (even though I had looked at the clock).

Every now and then when I lay down to take a nap I get discombobulated upon waking, thinking its the next morning or still night when its dark outside, until I can gather my wits about me and figure things out.

With dogs pottied and fed, I turn on the morning news with coffee in hand and see their morning sunrise picture of a beautiful partially cloudy red sky.  I peek out the window again and it’s still dark as night.  Hmm.   Yesterday I heard ( don’t know if it’s true or not) that on 12-21-12 there will be an eclipse and wondered suddenly what the date was.

Then it occurs to me that it must be cloudy outside, there was mention of possible rain.  All is ok, it’s not the apocalypse just yet.  LOL

StraightTalk Warning Its Sprint

Almost a year ago I purchased from Walmart their pay-as-you-go Unlimited cell phone plan StraightTalk And their Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Precedent).  Loved having the phone but I noticed after awhile that the signal in my home would fluctuate from very weak to non-existent.  At other times, lots of dropped calls and a myriad of other problems emerged and I grew quickly disenchanted as this was my only phone.

The StraightTalk is run on Sprint I found out at some point and having not renewed my cell service I thought of having the phone unlocked so that I could use it with a more reliable network.

Today, I finally phoned a nearby Sprint store to ask if they would unlock the phone for me.   The first guy I spoke with told me he never had heard of StraightTalk, that it was Not part of Sprint, etc… I then spoke with a supervisor who informed me that the StraighTalk phones sold at Walmart cannot be unlocked because they are not locked in the first place and only work on the Sprint network.  ( Hmm? ) So, basically I have a phone that is really just a $200.00 paperweight.  Not Good!

On this mornings tv program they were discussing the best cell phone providers in coverage and Sprint ratedlow overall.  When I went to the site to see strength of their coverage (best chance of getting a signal)  in my area, it shows its GREAT.  Truth is it’s Not.  Use your best judgement.  I hope what has happened to me doesn’t happen to you.

Dr. Y Veterinarian


Recently there was an online offer for doggie teeth cleaning through one of the services that deliver daily local deals to your inbox, of which I often view but rarely purchase.  This was a great deal knowing how expensive it has been to have my two dogs get their chompers cleaned in the past, I decided to make the purchase.  $99.00 including blood work per dog at Doctor Y’s Animal Hospital Thousand Oaks.  I have spent in the past, per dog, $400.00 for their pearly whites.

My concerns included: I didn’t know this vet and she didn’t know my dogs and one of my dogs is elderly (13 y.o.)  and putting the dogs ‘under’ is always stressful for me.

The night before their appointments, my stress level was very high and I worried myself to sleep fearing my older dog would not do well, might not wake up from the ordeal.

The day of the appointment, I couldn’t give dogs any breakfast and as I loaded them into the car I suspected they knew something was up.  We Never leave the house that early in the morning and certainly not without eating something first.  As I pulled into the parking spot at the vet, I spotted one woman entering with two dogs in tow and one leaving with two dogs on leash.  They opened at 8:00 am and it was just now the opening time as I put my car in park so, I figured those dogs must have spent the night and were out for their morning walk to potty.

I left the dogs and around 12:00 pm got a call all their blood work looked good, the vet chatted with me about various health topics I had mentioned concerning my older dog.  She was kind, concerned and informative. They were going to start.  Another call in a little while, to inform me of a tooth needing to be pulled and another needing some work, I approved and waited til 5pm when I could pick them up.

The dogs were clearly stoned when I brought them home, I looked after them like any parent would a child and all was okay.  This was a good experience and I am very pleased with the service.

Kind Thoughts

This is for all of you who read my blog, follow on twitter, leave comments, exchange thoughts and ideas…  This is for you:


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