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What is one to do with all the aggravation in the world?  Blog-it-out… But wait there’s more!

As I have to remind myself to Breath while moving through this life.  My world is irritating and am I writing about it from my comfy easychair in California.

I am fairly educated ( Master’s of Science ), still owe huge amount in student loans will be paying off rest of my life.  Grew up with the t.v. as a quasi-babysitter in a household with a high school educated single mom.  An only child with a few bad habits, awkward social skills, a few bad relationships lie in my wake and yet still wonder how is that I got to this place in my life?

I’ve been known to struggle with depression, more often I experience anxiety and on rare occassion might feel slightly manic (this last one I am not really sure of, just guessing).  I love animals, my alone time (usually), believe in heaven but am not religious, need my coffee in the morning and typically have the t.v. on either in the background or staring at it intently.

I have one narcissistic or borderline parent and one who was an angry depressed self-sabotaging alcoholic who is now deceased.

But really, I am fine.  Take a look and see…

You might agree, animals are so much easier  genuine and kinder. 

There are times when I firmly believe I can do without

other people.  YOU,  I want around.

Real Life Series I am writing about DANGEROUS FAMILY MEMBERS was not something I initially considered including but, as we all know… Things change.

Other catagories include Business Reviews (Businesses),  Things That Go Bump In The Night, and more.  See side panel to click on catagories

Keeping it Real

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  1. Hope you are doing well. 🙂

  2. Leisa

     /  December 19, 2012

    I really enjoyed reading your realness!! Keep it coming..from one blogger to aother…peace out!

  3. I just tagged you. 🙂 Wanna play?
    Here are the details:

  4. I’ve nominated you for the Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award! To do your stuff, check out http://insidethewriter.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/fabulous-blogger-award/

  5. Animals are way better than humans!!! XO



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