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Sunrise Missing

I woke early, as usual and peeked out the window to see the sunrise (6:00 am).  The sky was dark and it confused me.   I wandered into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee and let the dogs out, all the while thinking I must be up earlier than usual (even though I had looked at the clock).

Every now and then when I lay down to take a nap I get discombobulated upon waking, thinking its the next morning or still night when its dark outside, until I can gather my wits about me and figure things out.

With dogs pottied and fed, I turn on the morning news with coffee in hand and see their morning sunrise picture of a beautiful partially cloudy red sky.  I peek out the window again and it’s still dark as night.  Hmm.   Yesterday I heard ( don’t know if it’s true or not) that on 12-21-12 there will be an eclipse and wondered suddenly what the date was.

Then it occurs to me that it must be cloudy outside, there was mention of possible rain.  All is ok, it’s not the apocalypse just yet.  LOL

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  1. You had me laughing with that one. It reminded me of my husband. His first thought would TOTALLY be that the apocalypse had happened, and he would wonder how he slept through it. 🙂

  2. I do that too when it is a particularly dark morning. I also sometimes wake up and think it is later than it is until I realize that it isn’t even 6:00 yet and I have already had my coffee lol



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