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StraightTalk Warning Its Sprint

Almost a year ago I purchased from Walmart their pay-as-you-go Unlimited cell phone plan StraightTalk And their Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Precedent).  Loved having the phone but I noticed after awhile that the signal in my home would fluctuate from very weak to non-existent.  At other times, lots of dropped calls and a myriad of other problems emerged and I grew quickly disenchanted as this was my only phone.

The StraightTalk is run on Sprint I found out at some point and having not renewed my cell service I thought of having the phone unlocked so that I could use it with a more reliable network.

Today, I finally phoned a nearby Sprint store to ask if they would unlock the phone for me.   The first guy I spoke with told me he never had heard of StraightTalk, that it was Not part of Sprint, etc… I then spoke with a supervisor who informed me that the StraighTalk phones sold at Walmart cannot be unlocked because they are not locked in the first place and only work on the Sprint network.  ( Hmm? ) So, basically I have a phone that is really just a $200.00 paperweight.  Not Good!

On this mornings tv program they were discussing the best cell phone providers in coverage and Sprint ratedlow overall.  When I went to the site to see strength of their coverage (best chance of getting a signal)  in my area, it shows its GREAT.  Truth is it’s Not.  Use your best judgement.  I hope what has happened to me doesn’t happen to you.

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  1. Wow, this surprises me. My husband and I have been using Straight Talk for over three years. We haven’t ever had a problem with cell service. The only issue we have had is with customer service. I had to change my phone number once about two years ago and the employees seemed pretty clueless and over all unhelpful. Then, when I changed my phone, but wanted to keep the same number it seemed like another problem. Over all their service has worked well for me…I just have hassles when I try to deal with their customer service reps. I think Straight Talk has the best options for the cheapest prices.

  2. Oh no! That’s awful! 😦



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