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Dr. Y Veterinarian


Recently there was an online offer for doggie teeth cleaning through one of the services that deliver daily local deals to your inbox, of which I often view but rarely purchase.  This was a great deal knowing how expensive it has been to have my two dogs get their chompers cleaned in the past, I decided to make the purchase.  $99.00 including blood work per dog at Doctor Y’s Animal Hospital Thousand Oaks.  I have spent in the past, per dog, $400.00 for their pearly whites.

My concerns included: I didn’t know this vet and she didn’t know my dogs and one of my dogs is elderly (13 y.o.)  and putting the dogs ‘under’ is always stressful for me.

The night before their appointments, my stress level was very high and I worried myself to sleep fearing my older dog would not do well, might not wake up from the ordeal.

The day of the appointment, I couldn’t give dogs any breakfast and as I loaded them into the car I suspected they knew something was up.  We Never leave the house that early in the morning and certainly not without eating something first.  As I pulled into the parking spot at the vet, I spotted one woman entering with two dogs in tow and one leaving with two dogs on leash.  They opened at 8:00 am and it was just now the opening time as I put my car in park so, I figured those dogs must have spent the night and were out for their morning walk to potty.

I left the dogs and around 12:00 pm got a call all their blood work looked good, the vet chatted with me about various health topics I had mentioned concerning my older dog.  She was kind, concerned and informative. They were going to start.  Another call in a little while, to inform me of a tooth needing to be pulled and another needing some work, I approved and waited til 5pm when I could pick them up.

The dogs were clearly stoned when I brought them home, I looked after them like any parent would a child and all was okay.  This was a good experience and I am very pleased with the service.

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