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Requested a new Diabetes Dr., when the authorization came in I phoned to make an appointment, two months wait.  Geeez!

I went this afternoon to that Dr’s appt.,  handed the staff my insurance cards and sat down to fill  out 5 pages of info.  Grew irritated that everyone in there the waiting room and office were speaking so loudly and only in spanish.  I am growing very angry at being the only white token person many places I go!   Handed in all that ridiculous paperwork and was asked for a co-pay.  I explained my secondary insurance which I had handed them, covered the co-pay. She handed me back my insurance cards and at that point told me they do not take the secondary insurance.

Why did they not tell me that when I gave it to them?!!  And before I wasted all my time filling out those forms?  I immediately left their offices!

So, let’s see that makes two times this month that I have ‘walked away’ from things that have angered me.  The tutoring organization that I put in numerous hours of training only later to discover it was run so poorly I was embarrassed to be associated with them and the diabetes dr. appt.    I hate stupid people especially when they waste MY time!

Other things going on at the time of this office visit include:  Being in physial pain from a minor surgery, Afternoon appointment was only option the provided and I don’t do well in the afternoon so I was already irritated, Not wanting to have to deal with diabetes in the first place and upset with myself for not finding this out when making the appointment.

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  1. I’m currently in a dilemma myself that concerns incompetent people. :/ Maybe my own bullshit won’t make you feel so bad about yours. Basically, the mental health agency I’ve been going to for over 3 years closed my records. I’m now running low on medication, but I can’t see my doctor until I go through the whole assessment and paperwork process all over again! Why must I suffer for someone’s mistake? I have a feeling you might ask yourself all the time, why can’t things just be simple? I know I do.

    • Omg how stupid of them! I am angry for you and yes, that is the type of stuff that makes me wonder what the hell are these people drinking?

      • Yes, and they’ll probably make it seem as though it’s my fault. I’m gonna have to do my best to stay calm and not walk out the minute I see their dumbass faces.



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