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Ok so I have been pushing myself to walk.  Walking to me, seems the lesser of all exercise evils.  As I walk with other women and dogs it slowly is evolving into something much more meaningful than just forcing myself to move my body.   It is becoming a journey into discoveries, similarities, humor and at times yes, a little bewilderment.

One full walk around the path is just a little over a mile and it was a long mile even with the friendly chit-chat to occupy my mind.  Somewhere along the way we upped the anti to two times around the path.  I complain out loud as I feel the strain but, I push on.

Today, I noticed the strain as we embarked on the second round but the chit-chat was engaging and I decided just this once to keep the complaining silent.  We all made it safely and in complete pieces, no body parts fell off from exhaustion along the way.  Maybe we can actually do this.

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  1. I am glad you are comfortable talking with your walking friends. I think at first you said you felt a little awkward. I need to be able to do that. Keep it up! 😉



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