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My Senior Dog Healthier

I had struggled with one of my dogs having serious health issues, exploring cause and here is a follow-up:

My dog had an ultra sound (they were looking for cancerous tumor or blockage) and nothing was found.  It was then suggested I remove All chicken and chicken related products from dog’s diet, feed dog a prescription diet it’s Hills Z/D very weird in texture! following her Rx treatment of steroids.

All has been going well with no problems for a while now and I feel I can breathe easier.  After reading the labels on the cans of Z/D, I see there is nothing in there that is actually food (that I can tell, no wonder it has a strange texture).  It is expensive but my dogs are/ is worth it.

About a week ago, at the pet food store I spent time reading labels (something I rarely if ever do for myself) and decided to try a dry dog food that has nothing in it associated with chicken.   Dog hasn’t had dry food since all the problems started, want to try it and help stretch the canned food expenses a tiny bit, if possible.

Week 2 on the new dry food at breakfast and all is  going well.  Still holding breathe that this will all be ok.

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  1. Good to hear! She’s a cutie 🙂



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