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Drapes Drawn Back

Just across the way in a condo with big windows facing my home, I recently became aware of a potentially attractive, potentially interesting neighbor.  How long has this person been there, I wonder.

Their drapes drawn back and all brightly lit up I spotted this person, became intrigued and have remain intrigued.  I think: this person lives alone, enjoys some computer time in the evenings and no I am not a peeping tom.   I can see all of this from the kitchen window even with my poor eyesight.

On one more than occasion while this neighbor was out on their back patio I ventured fairly near as I took out my trash, bins are not far away.   I heard or sensed a type of scurrying to look busy as I approached.  With trash tossed, I returned without a word.  If only he had said, Hello.

Every now and then I see other people there and wonder who they are, family? friends?  Then, I had a strange thought that they were intruding on any progress to connect that may have been slowly unfolding.  Oh gee!  I need to get a life and maybe some day a partner.

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