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Burlington Coat Factory – Fail

There is a store that sells clothing, jewelry, home items, etc. it has an odd name: Burlington Coat Factory.

For a long time I avoided this place thinking they sold only coats, I had a few good ones already that I rarely wore.   Then, I wandered in and found my assumptions were wrong.  This is not a first go-to choice when I get the shopping bug but, I do remember they are there every now and then.  I usually, but not always, end up leaving empty-handed, I think that is why it is not often on my shopping radar.

I visited the store yesterday and noticed my level of disappointment as I walked to the Back Of The Store and explored the tiny selection  of clothes available in my size.  This section is not only in the back and out-of-the-way (sending a message to our subconscious) but it sits right Next to the diametrically opposed sizing labeled Petit.

I mentioned how the placement of this section felt like a poor decision on someone’s part and was directed to a man on the floor in charge.  I approached to mention this dept’s placement in the store and how it may affect other shoppers in a similarly unfavorable way.   He was quick to respond with, ” its a corporate thing” and rushed away (it felt like he couldn’t get away from me fast enough).

I stayed in the store another few minutes shopping, trying to shake the disrespect.  Clearly I was being sensitive,  I told myself.   I eventually got in line to check-out, opened my wallet to expedite my purchase and it hit me, I was giving money and supporting a business who clearly could care less for how it’s customer experience was taking place.   Placing the items I had intended to purchase on a nearby shelf, I exited the store.  I would not support them by giving them my hard-earned money.

I did not expect them to quickly rearrange the store on my behalf.  I did think they would be kind and courteous, maybe even appreciative that I took the time to provide customer feedback.

You know what they say about assume (ing), it makes an ass out of you and me  ass/u/me


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