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Anger, Fear and Bad Thoughts

When you have been harmed and wronged but lack the finances to pursue ongoing legal action, thoughts turn dark and an uncomfortable state of victimization begins to percolate.

I don’t know how to help fight off or against the Dangerous Family Members, I have written about previously.  They have an excessive amount of money and the husband is an attorney,  he knows his way around the legal system, has broken many laws, he has caused irreparable harm to the rest of my family.   Ill thoughts towards these predators at times, consume me.   I weep and worry for my family who is suffering at their wrath.  Having lost the deed to their home and all monies, the attorney relative should be prosecuted, fined and jailed.

I read that the district attorney in this county ( Ventura ) never goes after Elder Abuse perps.   They muddied the deed to her home, she is in her 90’s.  They stole money, hundreds of thousands.  They have threatened and used coercion to keep things from being legally corrected.  And now, they keep postponing court dates numerous times now!  They are most likely hoping she will die before they ever step foot in a courtroom.    And she cannot go on with the legal fees, already the fees are beyond reason $50,000.00 with absolutely nothing to show for it.  She tells me she is not sure how much longer she can go on.  Her heart.

Anger and hatred mixed with tears and fear consume us all.

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