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Pet Psychic Visit

At an outdoor local charity event not long ago, there was a woman who set up her area with a sign that read “Pet Psychic”. With own dogs in tow I lingered in the perimeter to get a feel for how this was going for others seeking her services.  The pet and person sat with the psychic for about 10 minutes while relaying messages from pet to owner after being asked several questions.

I would like to believe in: psychic abilities, talking to those who have passed over and the like but, I come armed with a healthy dose of skepticism.  I think most are fakes while a very few may have uncanny abilities, which camp was this lady in I wondered.  Why is she at this event, to drum up business?

I developed a strategy, I would take my dogs to sit with her and be careful to not give any clues, energy or vibes either verbal or non-verbal.  When asked questions I would simply give yes or no answers.   When, the psychic asked me what it is I wanted to know I simply replied, “I don’t know, what can you tell me”.

Excitedly I waited for a wealth of secrets to be revealed and an inner glimpse of my dogs hopes and dreams, or at least which dinners or doggie treats they liked best.  With this blocking of my facial body and verbal communications the reading started with,  “I am having a hard time reading either of them, they seem quiet and reserved not really wanting to communicate with me.”    I was thinking, you are having a hard time reading ME, not the dogs.

I walked away disappointed in the outcome and short $25.00, if only I had played the game correctly I could have learned so much about my dogs.  I would love to meet a real psychic.

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  1. wow – I think I found my new career. lol



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