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Pink Snake Purple Pillow

I purchased a body pillow a few months back, not a plain cotton covering like most pillows this has a purple fuzzy/ furry covering.  It has been wonderful to cuddle with as it helps support my lower back with one leg flung over it.  My dogs love it nearly as much as I do., they snuggle up and under it.

When I was very young 4 y.o., I asked Santa for a big ( 6 ft ) fuzzy pink toy snake for Xmas.  On that special morning, I found a Xmas paper wrapped giant salami-looking thing hanging from the ceiling, my heart soared cuz I knew what it really was.  My fuzzy pink snake!  Something fun to have, to cuddle with, to wrap around me and keep me happy and safe.

It occurred to me this morning that is why I love my purple fuzzy body pillow, it is my toy snake reincarnate 🙂

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