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Retention Dept.?

I can recall the days when TV was entirely FREE.  Yes, we only had channels 2 – 13 but that’s all there were at the time that we were aware of.  Welcome to present day where just getting your tv signal and channels runs about $100.00 /monthly avg.  Who can continue to afford this?

My 2 year contract ended and the rates were going to be even higher so I phoned my cable co. ( Time Warner ) to find out what my options were, I was told to call back and “ask for the Retention Dept.”    When the line was finally answered by a real person 7 minutes later, that person never transferred me to the Retention Dept.  apparently according to her there is really no such dept.  Huh?!?  Ok a little more sneaky deception on the cable co’s part  But, hey that’s what they are pretty much known for.  I ended up with a new 1 year contract at the same rate.  Why the f***k do we need to commit for any length of time to any thing, do you find this annoying too?  I can barely commit to what I am going to wear on any given day!

Part of my new “deal” was free  increased internet speed for 3 months, after which time I would be billed an even higher rate if I kept the increased speed beyond that date.  I marked my calendar, set a reminder to call when they told me in time to cancel before the end date.  Yesterday, 8/27 I phoned and somehow successfully navigated their stupid automated phone system until reaching a live person named Julie, who informed me that if I downgraded the internet speed my bill would increase. 10 more minutes of back and forth with this and being assured if I left everything as-is my bill would NOT increase.  So, it’s all as-is until I see different on my bill.

Have you ever taken a person’s name down or had a conversation and when you call you back months later they tell you, “there is no record of that on your account”?  I have many times.  Just be sure you don’t forget to ask for the Retention Dept.

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  1. Makes you wish you could reach through the phone and strangle them.

  2. Wow. I hate Time Warner. I get my internet service through them, and they keep sneakingly increasing the rate every few months without any notification.
    As for cable, I survive without it. That’s right. I don’t watch any tv at all because I don’t deem it a necessity. I’ve got the internet and lots of movies on hand for entertainment. It’s a shame how everything comes down to money these days and that what was once free is forever gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll one day be charged for the air we breathe. To hell with all these greedy bastards.



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