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Sour Grapes? OR Grocery Money Saving Tips

Several weeks back I went grocery shopping, a chore I dread.  I purchased a bag of seedless grapes that were on sale,  the store has put a bunch of grapes into a bag so you can just go and grab a bag and put into your cart.  When I got home and checked my receipt I was horrified to discover that little bag of grapes had cost me nearly $8.00 !!

OMG that’s a lot of money for some little round snacky things! I’m not making a bottle of wine.

This past week, I saw a new sale for black seedless grapes and picked up the bag, untied it and removed half of the contents and re-tied the bag before putting it into my basket.  I felt annoyed that I had spent so much money last time I purchased this item and that the store (while presumably being helpful) attempts to determine how many of an item you Must buy.  I felt a little guilty or strange removing half the contents and placing on top of the other bags but soon got over it.

I find this carries over into other areas of the produce dept.,  Asparagus are usually priced high and are sold in predetermined bundles secured with a rubber band.   Yes, I remove some of them and take what I need.  I feel strange doing this and the stores may not like it or encourage it since there is nowhere to place the excess product except on top of or alongside the other bundles.  But it’s my need and my money.

What grocery shopping tips do you have or have wanted to try but felt awkward?

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  1. I don’t think you should feel strange at all for buying only as much as you need. Fresh cherries can be a bit pricey, so I do the same with them as you do with the grapes. I just dump out what I don’t need into another bag and go on my merry way. I’m not going to feel pressured to buy so many, especially when I know that they would mold before I ate even half the bag. One day a customer and I divided up a bag since neither of us wanted the whole thing. You and I aren’t the only ones out there using common sense.

  2. I dread shopping too and so I don’t have any money saving tips because saving money requires TIME. I like to spend as little time shopping as possible so I get what I need and get out.
    But, your post reminded me of a day many years ago – before the big push for organically grown food started – when i bout a tomato and a few other items. I was surprised when the cashier gave me my total – I was on a much tighter budget back then –
    Once I got home I looked at the receipt because the total just kept bothering me. That tomato was somewhere between 5 and 8.00 I dont remember the exact price, but I was shocked and you know what? I took the damn thing back to the store. I sure did. As petty and strange as it seems. I got my money back though.

    • Good for you. That’s outrageous! When I visit local farmers markets I am always surprised at the prices there, it’s local produce it shouldn’t be More Expensive. A Small tomato was $2.50 I said, No Thanks



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