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The Moving Plants

Ok, its pretty much official my elderly next door neighbor is working on messing with my brain.

As I previously wrote about her being up at my kitchen window and placing plants and gardening items there, she stopped and removed items after I left her a note explaining that it made me uncomfortable.  That was a couple weeks/months ago and then it happened again.  I was looking out my kitchen window the other morning while making a fresh pot of coffee and GASP! found she was back to her old habits…

Several plants right there under my kitchen window, all over again.  Yes, she is elderly and I again resort to thinking she may have forgotten (even though this is not the case, but helps me regain composure).  That afternoon I gingerly stepped to where the plants had been placed and moved them away from the area and closer to her front door.  I then began to consider what I could place there that would serve as a reminder that the area was off limits;   A sign?   No, too tacky.   Stepping stones! I promptly went out and purchased several.   After placing the pavers days had passed and all was quiet, no new potted plants.  The in-ground plants she had placed there many months back remained and I was not going to dig those up, to much work.

Yesterday morning with coffee brewing I peeked outside to make sure my new stepping stone pavers were still in place and was dumbstruck when I see a new plant!  OMG, she is trying to drive me crazy!!  Unsure of my next move, I bide my time for the next 24 hours.  Based on my own long personal history, I have learned to NOT immediately react when my emotions are high.

This morning I do my due diligence and look to see what’s going on outside my kitchen window…  My pavers are still in place and that new plant that materialized yesterday is now gone.

LOL, that plant really was there and thanks but I don’t need any help with being off kilter when it comes to peace, calm and sanity (insanity)

UPDATE:  The plant is baaaackk

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  1. Jaen Wirefly

     /  August 24, 2012

    OMG I would freak.



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