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CVS Ventura County

This morning I drove all over town and back again wasting my time, gasoline and patients.  CVS (Formerly known as SavOn and Thrifty Drugs stores) is an impossible, poorly run and monopolizing entity that has invaded Ventura County and the source of my morning melt down.

3 weeks ago I purchased a CVS brand disposable camera at full price, it wasn’t on sale.  I took a picture of my sweet grandmother, my dogs and few misc pictures over the weeks.  This morning I drove to the nearest CVS to drop off film so I could have the photos back in time, to place in a nice little frame I had found in a boutique and purchased , for my grandmothers upcoming birthday.

Entered the store and stood at the camera/film counter void of employees but approx. 3 feet away from a regular check out clerk, about 5 minutes before having to ask her to call someone to help me at the photo dept.  ( Geeeez! )   Around the corner came a portly man taking his time to meander down the aisle, I was happy someone was coming to help.  I had already looked around for one of those deposit envelopes you put your film into and write your name on but hadn’t been able to spot one.

I told the employee what I was there to do and he responded that the store was all out of envelopes.  Huh?  Well what should I do now?, I asked and he shrugged and apologized.  I clarified, “Do you mean I cannot drop off my CVS camera to get it developed, here at CVS?”  Again he apologized but said nothing else or offered up a possible solution, like when the envelopes might be in.

I left the store feeling angry and irritated (once again ) with CVS.  Previous interactions with their pharmacy (one I blogged about prior) and other instances when their robo phone calling system ( which I HATE ) alerts customers their prescriptions are ready for pick-up and you drive there, wait in line and discover that only ONE of 3 prescriptions are actually ready causing you to have to make an additional trip must be driving people mad.  I know I’m not the only one, I hear others right there in the store and family members express their aggravation with this flawed system that never gets fixed.

I leave the store and drive to the nearest Target, I can picture the photo dept. in my mind.  I leave learning they no longer process anything other than Digital film.  I drive to another CVS and no one ever shows up at the photo dept.  I drive to a third CVS store!   Spoke with a woman behind the counter and she informs me that CVS no longer processes this type of film/ camera, even though they sell it with the CVS brand plastered on it.  They only handle digital images, now.   Asked her about the “envelope” conversation I had at one of the other locations and found out that you pay $9.00 upfront for the envelope  and have to wait 2 weeks to get them back.

“If I had known this when I purchased your disposable camera, I wouldn’t have bought it!”.   She agreed with my complaint.

CVS is the worst example of a retail environment I can think of, they have created a monopoly here Ventura County, have bought out the Thrifty and SavOn drugs stores and left us consumers with a pile of crap.

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