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Pain Meds and Constipation

Was getting headaches daily, went for a message asked to work on my neck, where I thought the most tension was and where the headaches were coming from.  Like a lot of other’s I tend to carry my stress and tension in my shoulders and neck.

Day following massage session, felt extreme pain in neck like a pinched nerve.  This was new.  Applied heat and cold, took a vicodin and repeated throughout the next few days.  The acute pain had left but strong muscle tension clamped down severely on my entire neck area, I continued to take the pain medication.

Day 5 – I haven’t been eating much, no appetite but I also had not pooped in days and now found I was unable to.  I had forgotten this is often a side effect of the pain med.   Took a laxative and the next day still unable to…   Can a person die from constipation?  It seems logical (at least to me) that dying from being badly backed up is a real possibility.  Two more days and another laxative later, all systems working fine.   Neck is still stiff and sore, ugh!

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