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Grilled Cheese ‘n’ Soap?

When it comes to food or drinks I am a little goofy.  I will eat nearly anything, I am an adventurous eater and enjoy trying new cuisines, recipes and dishes though, I do not cook myself anything outside of a steak or bacon and eggs., maybe a little pasta.

I sometimes eat for comfort at other times to ease night-time urges but this is more about the goofiness I employ when it comes to food.  This encompasses the notion that something might be wrong with “it”.  If I get the thought in my head that the milk might smell funny out it goes, further testing not required.  Meat if it looks wrong out it goes.  If I think something is in the fridge too long (may or may not be true) it gets tossed.   Even if something is good or fine, I am unable to consume it if I have the notion that it’s not quite right, this is not something I can reason away.

I washed a small pan to cook up a grilled cheese sandwich (Oh! that’s something else I can cook. lol)  I hadn’t had a grilled cheese sandwich in years and had this craving so I buttered both sides of each piece of bread and stuck some Munster cheese in between.    When cheese was melted and the outside was nice and golden brown my saliva came to life in anticipation of this tasty lunch.  I gently wrapped in a paper towel, headed to bedroom where t.v. show was on and began to enjoy…  NO, that tastes bad!?! One more cautious bite and confirmed there was something wrong.

I was tasting and or smelling my new dish soap!?  Was the pan not rinsed well enough? Was it just on my fingers or hands?  It didn’t matter. I was angry with myself for spending my time and what was left of the few remaining food options in the kitchen to end up ruining my lunch, I threw it in the trash.  A couple of days later, now and I can still taste smell that soapy grilled cheese sandwich, yuck.  I hate cooking.

By the way, I subscribe to the 5 second rule unless it’s a bagel with cream cheese that lands face down.

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