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Draining Day

The day started out fine, coffee brewing and dogs playing under foot.  Oh wait, I had very low blood sugar 77 this morning, as I am learning to about diabetes.  My usual numbers are in the 300 area, so 77 is way too low for me.  This might explain the rest of my day.

When I found myself in front of a lady who stated my medical bill for the day was over $200.00 and the money I had brought along would not be even close, I began to feel helpless and hopeless as I explained I didn’t have that much.  When asked if I wanted to put balance on a credit card tears welled up and began to fall, my credit cards are currently all maxed out.  Eventually, we came to an agreement and the panic I had been feeling quickly ushered me out the door.

Arriving home, eating something I felt drained and depressed.  I took a nap thinking that would help, I awoke feeling the same.  Now as night settles in, these deflated feelings linger.


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  1. In a way I feel bad liking this, I’m not liking your suffering, I’m liking your courage. Life sucks sometimes, but learning from our past is a great way to lessen the suckage…(is that even a word? It is now.)

    -Mr. B

    • Thank U. I understand the “liking” part I’ve been faced wih that when reading others posts. And if that isn’t a word maybe it should be. LOL



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