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Diabetes Dr. part 3

Had to go back to dr’s office to get some sort of discount card for testing supplies.  Assistant again stated that my insurance covers this only one brand, implied I was a problem in a round about way…   Today, went to pharmacy again, discount card in hand and informed them I had Myself called SCAN Health Insurance and was told they cover this brand.

After a few minutes of waiting I hear,  “It’s not covered, and the cost will be $189.00.”  After nearly fainting she called SCAN and they told her the brand is covered but not the particular one I have.   Contradicting what my own phone call to Scan had told me, “We cover all versions of this brand”.   CVS offered to fax info to my diabetes dr.  and I left feel furious with Scan and my dr.

Arrived home phoned dr.’s and cancelled next appointment.  Called Scan and let them have it asking why they gave me the wrong info and if they could inform my dr.s office since I can’t seem to get any where with this (meanwhile, not using any stupid insulin).  Scan didn’t say they would call them began asking me same questions in a circular pattern, I blew up at the rep telling her,  I give. up, I’ll just die.  Hung up the phone on her.  Ok that was a little dramatic on my part!

Completely frustrated and not wanting to have to deal with diabetes in the first place then having me run around town and still unable to get what I need to help manage this disease is a Crime!

Dr’s assistant in a very irritated tone leaves me a message they received fax from CVS and will call in the correct Rx.  WTF?  Why didn’t they do this to begin with when I first asked them to help me over a week ago?!

I really hate people sometimes.

But not YOU

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  1. Oh the joys of customer service, I sometimes wonder if it’s not actually customer avoidance. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to deal with some form of customer service, only to initiate what I like to call the Circle of Doom! Sounds like you’ve become the Customer of Doom though lol, looking forward to reading more.

    -Mr. B



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