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Uncomfortable Dog Walks

There is a neighbor who is friendly and confides intimate troubling details,  I listen and offer words of encouragement.  I don’t linger.

When I am out walking my dogs, if I see this person while they are sitting on their front deck and they are in the company of other neighbors, not engaged in conversation just sitting and hanging out she sees but doesn’t bother to acknowledge me.  Okay, that’s fine.   Her visiting guests are not familiar to me, so I keep my distance as I observe a “heads down, Eye avoiding”  posture from her.

One time or once in a while I wouldn’t give it further thought.   Not the case, this has occurred every time in the past two weeks, as I near the area with dogs in tow their conversation is halted and no “hello”, wave or anything. Now, its feeling strange.

The visitors on their deck are the same people that she accused of being in her home and stealing money from her a year or so back.  This was something she confided in me back then.    Ever since, I have had my eye on those people and kept my distance.

I generally mind my own business would smile, say “hello” and keep walking.  Only a few weeks back did I actually have a conversation with this neighbor where she unloaded her burdens and I consoled.  It had been many months or maybe a year since this type of one sided interaction had taken place.   I am kind of feeling like being sucked back in and then treated this way.  I can do without.  It’s uncomfortable.

What are some odd things you have encountered on your dog walks?

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  1. I usually see a lot of strange yard ornaments.

    I think I might like it here.

    Also, thanks for liking my post, that’s what brought me here.

  2. Good idea, best to stay away.



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