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The Loan: A Preamble

Many years back grandmother loaned the “Dangerous Family Members” a great sum of money $100,00 for the purchase of their current home, estate.  This money was added to their own funds and from the sale of their Santa Barbara home.

A structured repayment plan back to grandmother on a monthly basis was created and all agreed to.  Grandmother is poor, lives on social security at 90 years of age and this loan was a huge deal for her to endure, she really could not afford to do this but it was for “family”.   The repayment plan would insure she would have something to count on and live on in addition to her small S.S. checks.

One day they decided to completely stop sending her their payments.  Grandmother was in a panic and has been struggling ever since.   Of course she addressed this and they simply refused.   Not sure how this was Ok or how they could live with themselves knowing the financial impact and devastation this would have on her.

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  1. Something similar has happened to some family members of mine, lesson learned money and family are like oil and water. They don’t mix.



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