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Knock At The Door

A few nights back there was a stranger at my window, since then I purchased a canister of pepper spray.

( wrote about it here https://verbalbanter.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/stranger-at-my-window/ ).

There was an afternoon knock at my door.    I looked out the peephole and saw a man I didn’t know.   A fierce force rose up inside and I flung the door open ready to confront, I heard “Is BooBoo here?”

Glaring back and standing tall I told him he had the wrong place.  He left and went next door to my elderly neighbors door, a direct line of vision from my kitchen window.  I shouted through the window “Not there either or the next few places down!”  I watched as he turned and walked away.

Don’t know if these two incidents are related and struggled with the thought if I should phone the police dept. to report.   When nightfall came  many hours later, I decided to phone the non-emergency line and tell them about this.   They were not interested, too much time had passed.

That could have gone very wrong, my opening the door to a stranger.  Part of my actions I reason are due to news reports that people knock on your door to see if you’re home.  If no answer, they break in.

( Pepper spray still in its packaging on the table )


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