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2nd Visit (Diabetes Dr.) Angry

Short visit, slightest change in blood sugar noted with prescribed increase in insulin dose and times used during the day.   While scheduling next appt.  I was told that there was nothing available and while they ended up scheduling an appointment they also told me it would be quite a wait.    That’s terrible, I am really not liking anything about this experience.

New scripts to fill, at the CVS pharmacy I was told my insurance doesn’t cover any of the supplies associated with my brand and wrote down what brand was covered.  I left empty-handed.   Phoned doctor’s office,  spoke the next day to dr’s assistant who basically argued with me that CVS was wrong.  Huh?  How is that helping me?   I asked if they could phone CVS with the prescription brand that was covered and was told they never heard of that brand and could not do that.  I hung up feeling confused.

I  don’t even want to be doing any of this insulin, dr’s visits for diabetes or even having to deal with diabetes and these road blocks are making me angry.

Ended up phoning Health Insurance Co. (SCAN) ,  informed me of the brand they do cover ( a 3rd previously unmentioned brand ) and I asked if they could update the CVS pharmacy was told,  “No, they already have the information”.  That conversation went round a couple of times until I ended up just hanging up on them.

It’s the weekend now, issue unresolved.  Not using any insulin!  I know that’s just bad for me and no one else.

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  1. Find you a Doc, preferably and endocrinologist, that has the electronic prescription function on his office computer. You are not treated properly until follow through with getting the right meds and gear. With that e-prescription, he or she fills out right there in the office sitting with you, what they you to have and it goes directly to the pharmacy of your choice and the pharmacy will contact the doctor if there is a problem with the prescription. (make sure you have the name, store # and phone number of your preferred store. eg: Walgreens store # 7833 on Main Street, USA)



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