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The Letter

Following her physical assault of my 90 y.o. grandmother, my aunt wrote her a letter.  “Aunt” had already committed some significant legal crimes that had yet to be discovered.

The letter was cruel and further devastated my grandmother.   It stated that grandma’s husband ( Aunt’s stepfather ), who was in the midst of dying, had molested her 40 + years ago and she never wanted grandmother to contact her EVER AGAIN.   This was  completely out of the blue and confusing,  Aunt has two children who grew up with grandma and her husband a constant in their lives, why would she subject them to this man if he had molested her when she was young?  Either way, it was upsetting for everybody.  Then he died.

I never liked the man, he was often mean in my eyes.

Now that the horrendous crimes, Aunt and her husband perpetrated,  have been discovered this letter carries a different kind of weight.   To me it speaks of a means to keep the victim ( grandmother ) away and from discovering the criminal activity they had been engaged in.

The letter was long and detailed but this was the meat and potatoes of it all.

Emotionally damaging, distancing and manipulative is how this feels.  Grandmother cried for months and years when ever she spoke of this letter.


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  1. Committing physical attacks on a 90 year woman is pretty horrendous. But, I can see the other side of the coin. My mother was sexually abused by her step father. And my grandmother never owned up to it or denied it either. She took the whole thing to her grave and because of this my mother is a damaged person and always will be. 😦



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