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Dangerous Family Members

It’s time to write about this.

My Aunt (mother’s side) and her (attorney) husband have done something despicable.  They have committed crimes against my 90-year-old grandmother.   The full extent of these crimes were only recently uncovered quite by accident.

Who They Are.  Aunt and her husband, have a lot of money, live very comfortably, many  overseas and exotic vacations, have an expansive gated  home and property in a most desirable area of Southern California, two grown sons and new high-end cars every couple of years.  He comes from a wealthy family (not from U.S.), she does not.  He is part of a high-profile legal practice, she barely finished high school never finished high school but lies to everyone including her spouse that she has a college degree (among many other things).   On the outside, they look like the All American family.   She, blond hair blue eyes and some nip and tuck. He, ambitious handsome intimidating and successful.  They are social climbers, attend church and hoped they would get away with their crimes.

Physical Assault.  My little grandmother was first faced with this atrocity when she went to their home one afternoon, a few years ago.  She returned home shaken, tearful and scared.   I phoned Elder Abuse, they came and took a report.  They asked if she wanted to press charges but she declined.  ” She just wanted the report filed, in case something else happened. ” She cried and cried.  Something else had already happened, she just didn’t know it at the time.

Financial Abuse.  ( This will be covered soon.  Its’ multi layered and a wild one!  )

Emotional Abuse.  The Letter:  At some point after grandmother’s physical assault she received a letter from her daughter, my “Aunt”.  ( This will be described soon.  Heart wrenching, Threatening )

Ambulance Chasing.  ( I’ll go over this soon.  Keep in mind Aunt’s husband is an attorney )

Sexual Abuse.  ( Even this is part of the story )

This is going to be difficult for me to write, I will do as best I can at each sitting.

2nd entry is  The Letter https://verbalbanter.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/the-letter/

3rd entry is Family Crimes  https://verbalbanter.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/family-crimes/

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  1. Wow, that’s just sad! 😦 It seems like family members should be the few people in this world we can rely on and trust not to cause us harm. Of course that’s not always reality, though. Within my own family, there have been quite a few thieves. Too bad shit like this is more common than we think. I hope your aunt and her husband get what they deserve.

  2. This is so unfortunate but sadly familiar. I hope that your aunt is going to be held accountable for her actions!



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