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Lost Woodpecker

The neighbor behind my home has been cutting down all of their trees for the past 10 days.  Giant pine trees, slightly smaller palms and many many more are all gone.  At first glance, there is so much more sunlight streaming into my home and I won’t have to sweep up all of those falling pine needles, that accumulate on a daily basis.On second take, the much beloved shade from the hot sun has disappeared, and I hate the heat.

From the looks of things, I can still see much work still needs to be done, many bare and very tall tree stumps lay in the wake.

Last evening, I was looking out the back patio doors when I spotted a lone Woodpecker viewing the empty tree-scape.  I felt sad for the bird and wondered if his home had been destroyed.  I wanted to go out there and hug and comfort him in some way.  I know that’s silly and he would have simply flown away, fearing me.  My heart is sad.

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  1. Aw 😦 That makes me sad too. I hope he is able of find a new home. I love Halfwaybetweenthegutter’s suggestion of a bird garden. That’s such an awesome idea! 🙂

  2. My mother has a bird garden; we grow trees to rescue the birds who’ve been kicked out of their homes. I can’t understand why some people will just happily cut down trees when the poor birds live there.

    Bless the little woodpecker. I hope he finds somewhere.

  3. Jaen Wirefly

     /  June 12, 2012

    I feel like crying. Seriously, people need to realize these little birds need a place to build their homes. I understand taking a tree down if it’s dying or a safety hazard but just to cut down trees is wrong.



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