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2 Story Target Store ( FAIL )

Went to a newer Target in the area with 5 things on my shopping list.  Wandered the entire first floor before finding 1 item, on my way to the second floor asked employee for the location of the lightbulbs.  “2nd floor, next to Sporting Goods”

I thought, “Next to Sporting Goods?? how odd!”,  I found them and was feeling pretty good about this accomplishment.  Wandered around the 2nd floor and almost found everything on my list.  I then discovered that there was no way to check-out on this floor, and had to return to the first floor.  I’m thinking “dumb!”

Getting ready to go stand in line at the check-out I spot the ever elusive Target employee, ask where the greeting cards were located.  Almost forgot to get a couple of cards and was dumb struck when I heard the words, ” they are on the 2nd floor “.

Forget it!  I’ll go to another store for that.

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  1. OMG – Yesss. This can be such a pain. Why can you only check out on one floor. All the two story targets I have been in are like this. Of course, its to make you walk all the way through the store again so you will put more crap you think you need in your cart.



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