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I came across an unused Best Buy gift card the other day.

Drove there today, walked in with card proudly held in my hand stopped at tiny desk just inside front door with employee and asked to know my card balance.  I was offered to go stand in the check-out line and at my protest I was then directed to the right with no lines to wait in,  a few seated individuals at their respected stations.   The first said sure he could help me but as he stood there suddenly not knowing how to move or what to say next the person next to him jumped in, I grew excited to discover my fortune and when I read the tiny receipt my heart sank a little. $12.00 was on the card, a left-over balance from when I first used the card sometime somewhere in the past.

That was 3 different employee interactions to get that result.

Store looked different, years since I was inside, kind of reminded me of being in the appliance dept of a Sears.  I eventually found where the smartphone cases were (up at the check-out) and spent a good 20 minutes looking, trying to first find the right one for my make and model, something that was ultimately a task I was too incompetent to successfully navigate.  Okay, so I eventually pulled out my phone and started searching it to find exactly the model number, etc… since the one’s I kept picking up had the camera hole in the wrong place.

Eventually I gave up!  No one ever came over to help me, ever.  I wasn’t hidden from view, I was up at the front of the store.

I grabbed a flash drive, paid for it with my little gift card.  Afterward I was handed the card back with a 2 balance left on it. ( AAAARRGGGHHH!  I am going to be stuck with this gift card for Forever. I’m thinking.)  I politely asked the check-out person what I needed to do to get cash instead of leaving the 2.00 on the card.  Without speaking a single word to me, she took the card. pushed a few register buttons and handed me the cash.

I was surprised she hadn’t said a single word,  I walked out.  I was also surprised I wasn’t  offered the option of cash or leave it on the card, well actually not surprised because that way they get you coming back.  Instead I maybe felt a little angry at this ploy.  If I hadn’t asked, I’d still be walking around with a 2.00 Best Buy gift card to be tossed in the back of a drawer and rediscovered at some random future date where a scenario similar to the above would repeat itself.   Ground Hog Day not one of my fav’s.

Oh yeah the smartphone covers are next to the appliances, closer to front of the store where else?

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  1. A perfect example of why Best Busy is going bankrupt.



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