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Conversaton Comando

There is this person…

Whenever we talk, I am rarely allowed to finish what it is I am saying without this person butting in and taking over the conversation and it Always gets steered in their direction, without a breath the verbal ramblings of every tiny detail are vomited up.

While I am working hard at listening to the draining nonsense and  if asked a question or my opinion I think, AHA my chance to talk.  After speaking 5 or 8 words, I am again ALWAYS cut off with the dreaded Yes, But…  and there I am trapped with my thoughts and words shut down inside and held hostage to this person who talks and talks and talks.    I can’t stand this type of person who never seems to listen, is always ready to interrupt and talks endlessly about people I don’t know,  extremely small details that are lost on me after 15 minutes at a stretch without the speaker taking a breath.  If I ask this person a question, any question there is Never a direct answer and actually most of the time the question never gets answered, even if I re- ask.   I’ve mentioned our unfavorable conversation style in the past, nothing changed.  Unfortunately, avoiding this person is my newest approach.

Thank you for letting me get this out, without interrupting.

What do you  think… 

Is this person so self-absorbed or is it just selfish?

Do you interact with this type of person and if so how do you navigate those conversations and people?

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1 Comment

  1. Probably self absorbed..Avoid this person as much as you can,they wont change no matter what you say.



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