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Who Needs A Shower?

When I am feeling blah, have nothing to do and nowhere to go – showering and other necessities fall by the way side.   When I was a teenager depression swallowed me whole and I would go without bathing, grooming for long stretches.  It was during one of these stinky episodes I was informed that one can not detect their own body odor when it first begins BUT, other’s can.  When it get’s really bad eventually you can easily notice it yourself.

Days have passed, I am in Blah state and boy do I stink.  Actually lost track of how many days I’ve gone without showering (maybe 3 or 4). Part of the blame, ok here is some weird rationalizing…  I changed deodorant from Mitchum (which says it “protects” you for up to 2 days) to a “natural” one purchased at an organic health food type chain.   I guess it doesn’t “protect” you as fiercely.

I can’t really explain what I was doing in a store like that since, I basically live on junk food.  I did buy some organic apples and natural peanut butter which is pretty dry and hard to spread.  Probably won’t buy that peanut butter again in the future.  At the check out I was asked if I wanted paper or plastic?  I felt a little guilty responding, plastic.

Gotta go – the shower is almost hot enough to get in.

OK that last statement was a fib.

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