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Avoiding Other People Doesn’t Always Work

It’s a Saturday afternoon, I return home early afternoon from running errands.  I  purposely run errands early to avoid the crowds and long lines.  Upon my return, there in my parking space is some knucklehead’s truck parked right under the sign that reads; Assigned Parking, Guests Park On The Street.  Irritating! But, I have a nifty little way to handle these types, I won’t get into that now maybe later.

It’s now after dinner, the truck is gone and I move my car.  As I am walking back to my abode, along comes a neighbor from the dark side. ( This woman had moved in only a week earlier when one day she instructed the gardners to cut down an ornament bush growing outside my front door,  her place is several doors down from me. ) Walking,  I aim far to the left in hopes of avoiding this negative know-it-all.  Well guess what, she makes a Bee line straight for me (god I hate people sometimes) she begins to state how curious it  is that I just park anywhere and everyone else has assigned parking with numbers painted on their space.    I am thinking , HUH?

I reply, “that’s my space it has a number”.  I turn to walk away and hear her say, “don’t be upset, I was going to offer you something”.  (there is absolutely NOTHING this person could be offering that I would want)  I turn and say “I’m not upset. what’s that (you want to offer)?”

“I didn’t see a number, can’t see it from here” she states.   “There are several spaces over there and all have numbers!”  I bark and walk away.  Don’t know what she was planning on offering but I am sure I wanted no part of it.

So here I am back in my easychair, safe and sound, with the negative interaction bouncing around in my head.  What the hell is with people?  I wish I would have just said;  Why Are You Concerned With Where I Park?! Mind your own business and leave me alone!

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  1. Oh I hate having neighbors!

  2. Minding ones own business should be taught in school. It’s a little known art. Probably because minding other people’s business is easier than looking in the mirror and saying woopsie, I need to do some internal changes.



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