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New Panda – Chinese Food. Sparky’s Deli

There is a chinese restaraunt that I visited a couple of times and thought I would make the drive there again for dinner just the other night.  Ordered the Orange Chicken, noodles, and a few other items.  I don’t know what the hell happened  to that place, several of the chicken pieces were uneatable (if that’s a word).   I had to spit out, one actually tasted stringy/hairy (yes, I am pretty sure chickens don’t have hair even in China) the other was a part of a joint/ hard and not something you consume.  Of course, orange chicken has a coating so you wouldn’t know until its in your mouth!

Last visit from this patron.   Which brings me to another foodie experience… Having received a circular in the mail with a coupon for a deli I had yet to eat at, Sparky’s. I ripped out the coupon ( I actually hate coupons and am lucky if I use or remember to use one Once a year ) got in my car and headed to get my grilled pastrami New York style for dinner.   Parking space appears and I am happy.  Get to the door and it’s locked and lights out.  On the hours sign = nothing! The sign is there but nothing is written on it.  It’s 5pm where are they?  Later, I re read the advertisement and it says nothing about hours of operation, so I phone them.  Their voicemail says they close at 3pm, UM Do you think you should tell people about this??  Good riddence knuckleheads

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